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A little bit about me…

Hello, I’m Jamy! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m the creator of Boone & Boogie, in more ways than one. Boone and Boogie are my daughters’ nicknames. We live in the Midwest in a small town that I love. I recently turned 40 and thought that my life was pretty content. I have a corporate job working from home and a very profitable Etsy business. But I was wrong, and my content life was about to be turned upside down.

In the same week (I wish I were exaggerating), Etsy closed my shop for reasons I still don’t understand, and the corporation I worked for sold out. I had one month to find another job, and I was freaking out. After a week of temper tantrums, tears, and anger at the world, I changed my mindset and decided to be grateful for the opportunity to be forced out of my quaint comfort zone, and this blog was created.

“And Suddenly You Know It’s Time to Start Something New and Trust the Magic of New Beginnings”

I have talked about creating this blog for years. I grew up in a very crafty family. Creating beautiful things is a passed-down tradition, and being creative is my passion. I love crafting something new when the kids are asleep, doing DIY projects with the girls, setting up craft shows, and sharing my handmade projects. I love decorating our home with things we have made ourselves and, most of all, having a space to share my creativity with the world.

My mind is on overdrive with the amount of projects I have to share with you. Hold tight for kids’ craft ideas, DIYS for holidays and home decor, simple sweets and treats, printables, SVG, and so much more incoming. I’m so excited for you to join me on this journey!