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Silly Straw Valentine with Free Printable

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Grab your FREE PRINTABLE and make these adorable Silly Straw Valentines!

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Looking for affordable easy classroom Valentines? Look no further! These silly straw Valentines turned out so stinking cute, that I’m sending my own kid with them this year. And bonus… I made the entire classroom Valentines for under $10!


  • Free printable below
  • Silly straws
  • Hole punch

1. Download the silly straw valentine free printable above. There are 6 Valentine cards to a sheet, donor math and print. Then cut into single cards.

2. There are circle guides preprinted on the cards to show where to hole punch.

3. Feed the straw through how to like best and that’s it!



You now have adorable silly straw Valentine cards to hand out! Adding that extra something really makes it this time. Thanks for reading!

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