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DIY Bunny and Chick from Plastic Easter Eggs

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Learn how to make the cutest DIY bunny and chick from plastic Easter eggs and yarn.

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Back with another Easter decoration! DIY bunny and chicks! These guys turned out so stinking cute.

I saw this giant egg at HomeGoods. I mean giant as in 3 feet tall. It was pink with a layer of sparkle and huge bunny ears standing out. I fell in love and set my mind to create mini versions for my shelf. The bunny ears sticking out of the egg was just adorable.

And that’s how we got here. So lets grab supplies and hop to it!


pink white and yellow yarn plastic easter eggs and jewelry wire supplies to make bunny and chick

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1. Bunny first. Clip two piece of wire about 3 inches long. Slightly bend in half to form an ear shape.

purple plastic easter egg wire bunny ears

2. Slightly bend a small piece of one side of each ear.

jewelry wire

3. slide the bend side into the hole in the top of the egg, and hot glue them in place.

purple plastic easter egg with wire
purple plastic easter egg with wire bunny ears

4. Gently bend the opposite side of the ears until they touch the egg and glue in place.

purple plastic easter egg with wire bunny ears

5. Take the pink yarn and wrap the ears, gluing as needed along the way.

purple plastic easter egg wire ear and pink byunny ear

6. Hot glue the egg shut and wrap the egg in white yarn. And your bunny is done!

7. Next is the chick. This one will be done very similar. Clip 2 pieces of wire about 3 inches and 2 about 1 1/2 inches.

20 gauge jewelry wire

8. Slight bend at the top again to go inside the egg, a knee bend and ankle bend. Take the smaller piece and wrap around the ankle to form a chick foot.

bent wire chick foot

9. Hot glue the toes in place and the legs into the egg the same way, but the bottom holes this time.

10. Wrap the legs and the egg shell and you now have a chick too!

These will look so cute on my mantle shelf, I can not wait!



Let me know if you make these DIY bunny and chick from plastic Easter eggs and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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