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DIY Valentine Rag Wreath

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Craft your own Valentine heart rag wreath and show your front door some love!

Valentines Day… celebrated with reds and pinks, hearts and arrows, cupids and candy. I quite honestly adore it. My girls and I will be watching a cheesy rom com, while eating popcorn with Valentine M&Ms and drinking hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows. Que the sappy music and cupid selfie filters!



My front door needs love too! It feels naked if it’s not adorned with a wreath of some sort for the holiday or season upon us. Even if I decorate nothing else, the door needs something. I have seen some gorgeous wreaths and welcome signs for sale and the price tag makes me slowly back away and hide

But we can all spark enough creativity to make our own door hangers, just put your heart into it (see what I did there?). Keep reading for an easy to follow tutorial for a Valentine heart rag wreath.

Simply put, rag wreaths are made with knots of cloth. The really cool part is that the fabric is completely customizable! You can use old rags, old clothing, scrap fabric or new fabric. So lets get started!


  • wire heart wreath shape
  • fabric
  • scissors

The wire heart shape I used is from the Dollar Tree. I have tons of fabric scraps, but not enough matchy matchy, so I bought this scrap fabric collection from Walmart for under $5! Most fabric stores sell scraps or mis-cut pieces as well.

Grab your fabric and cut into strips. I cut a small spot every inch and ripped the fabric to the end. I like the frayed look, then cut at 6 inches long. I love the size of my completed wreath, but the length was hard to tie at times, you may want to make them a bit longer. Use your best judgment!

Once the strips are ready, pull off the extra strings to clean them up, and cut off any stubborn strings.

Start by folding a strip in half, placing it over the wire, feeding the ends through the loop and pull! I prefer to do each one in the same direction, organized chaos if you will.

Complete all three rounds and voila! You have a heart ready to adorn your front door to celebrate the day of LOVE! Share your hearts and show me your creations! Thanks for reading!

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