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How to make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine candle

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Let's make our own heart shaped 3 wick candle for under $5 at Dollar Tree.

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I love candles, but I do not have time to “make my own”… Until now!

Dollar Tree is such an awesome store for so many reasons. My favorite being the things I can find to craft with at such an affordable price. I made this gorgeous candle for under $5.00!

Finding out how easy it is to make your own candles gets your mind racing with ideas! What can I make next?? I am officially obsessed with this easy to make candle trick!



  • 3 candles
  • Heart bowl
  • Candle Wicks (see below)
  • Glue gun
  • Stock pot

Candles: I used 3 tall red candles for this project. I wanted a 3 wick candle. But I did only have to use 2 candles to fill the heart bowl, so have something extra on hand to use up the remaining wax.

Glass Bowl: This beautiful heart shaped bowl was conveniently right next to the candles. You can use any glass bowl that you find beautiful. Just make sure it can withstand the heat.

Candle Wicks: You can use the wicks from the original candles, but in my experience they are poorly made and tend to break from the metal. I finally gave in and purchased a pack. Best decision!



1. Let’s melt the wax! Take a stock pot and fill with cool water. Place the candles inside and set on the stovetop. Turn the burner on low/medium and wait it out.

2. If you purchased new wicks, skip to #3. If you are using the original wicks, continue on. When the wax is melted, VERY gently pull the wicks out and place on a paper towel to cool off.

3. Grab your bowl and a glue gun. glue the metal end of the wick in place. Use anything on hand to hold the wick upright until the new wax has hardened. Wooden dowels or popsicle sticks work great.

4. Oven mitts! Very carefully pull a candle from your pot and gently pour the wax into your heart dish.

5. When your new candle is completely cool, cut the wicks to size.

6. Give this beauty and home and light your new DIY 3 wick candle!


I purchased these candles from Dollar Tree, but I have seen them in many other department stores. Walmart and Target both have these plain candles for I little more that DT.

Tall stock pots work best for these candles. The more jar you can cover with water, the faster they will melt.

I have learned that patience is key with melting the wax. The lower the flame, the less bubbles for in your wax.

I love to save money and reuse the wicks when I can. Sometimes that does not work as the wicks are weak and break from the metal. If you plan on making a few, I suggest purchasing a few new wicks. The link to the ones I purchased is above.

Slow pour to prevent any splashing!

You can add extras to these candles before your new wax dries. Essential oils, flower petals, confetti or sprinkles. I prefer the solid red for this one!


Let me know if you make this Valentine heart candle and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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