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How To Make Pinch Proof Four Leaf Clover Pins

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Make yourself pinch proof with this free printable, to easily create a felt and button Four Leaf Clover Pin!

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The tradition states that leprechauns are prone to pinch anyone they see, and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day makes you invisible to them! Perfect solution… Pinch Proof Four Leaf Clover Pins!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun holidays. Everything is dyed green and it’s all lucky. We try to trap the leprechauns and drink green beer while trying to pronounce slainte. I just love it.

If you’re looking for more St. Patrick’s Day crafts, check out Shamrock Sun Catchers or Stained Glass Art.

Here is an easy craft to add that pop of green to your St. Patrick’s Day. Add it to protect you from pinches, for good luck or to celebrate Irish heritage.


  • 2 shades of green felt
  • green buttons
  • Broach pins
  • scissors
  • glue
  • free printable


1. Print out the free printable above and cut out your size preference.

2. Using a marker or pen, trace the clover shapes onto the felt sheets.



3. Cut out the felt shapes just inside the traced lines.

4. Stack the clovers so the lighter green and smaller one is on top, and glue.



5. Add a cute little button to the stack.



6. Flip over the clover to the back and glue the broach clip on place.

And you’re now pinch proof!


It’s best to print out the printable on card stock, the thicker paper is much easier to use as a stencil.

In a pinch you can use hot glue, but it’s best to use E6000. This glue takes about 24 hours to fully cure, so at times I’ll use hot glue along with E6000 to hold my pieces.


There are so many things you can do with these lucky clovers!

Make a few and string them together to make garland.

Use double sided sticky tape to place them around as decoration.

Use the largest size for book bags, purses or work bags.

Attach an alligator clip and make hair clips.

green clover hair pin with button on brown kids hair clip

Let me know if you make Four Leaf Clover Pins and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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