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How to make car decals

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Learn how to make car decals to show off your personality with a FREE SVG included!

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Car decals are super popular for many reasons. They provide an outlet to speak your mind or show off your favorite sports team or movie. And we’ve all see the minivan with the stick figure family…

Learn how to make car decals for yourself, as gifts for friends and family or to sell! I sold decals for years and made a nice profit over that time. They cost nearly nothing to make and can be made in so many colors and endless design options.

Just as a heads up, if you are planning on selling decals, always watch for trademarks. Make sure anything you sell is legal for you to profit on.

So let’s see just how easy it is to make decals!


CUTTING MACHINE: I will always suggest the Cricut. After trying a few different cutting machines, this one takes the cake for me. My most used Cricut is still the Explorer Air 2, it just seems to always be my go-to-model.

VINYL: For car decals, always use permanent vinyl. They will hold up in the weather. I made a Dino decal over 3 years ago and it’s still hanging on strong! I have ordered a TON of HTVRONT from Amazon, but if you plan on selling decals I’d recommend purchasing wholesale. My favorite site is

TRANSFER TAPE: I have a love/hate relationship with transfer tape. I think I’ve tried them all. This one from Amazon is always in stock, is delivered super quick, lasts a long time and its size is perfect for decals. Looking in Amazon, I’ve purchased this roll 14 times lol.


1. Download your free SVG or use your own. Upload it to your preferred program and size to your preference. This SVG should download at 4×6 inches.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of kindness is gangster decal on Mac

2. Cut your vinyl and smooth it on your cutting mat.

Cricut brayer with white vinyl and clear standard mat
Don’t mind the messy mat, we have pets lol. This is the Cricut brayer, my all time favorite Cricut tool ever made.

3. Load the mat onto your machine and set it on vinyl cut settings.

Martha Stewart special edition Cricut Air 2 cutting settings

4. Set your preferred program to cut and start cutting your vinyl.

5. Once your cut is complete, remove mat from your machine and remove vinyl from your mat. Weed your vinyl, leaving the lettering or design on the backing.

free svg kindness is so gangster white permenant vinyl weed weeding tool
This is my weeding tool. It’s shaped like a pen and clicks out the needle to weed, also its glitter. LOVE IT!

6. Place the transfer tape over the front of your design., and use a smoothing tool (as in a credit card) to smooth out the transfer tape.

7. If you’re selling this decal, you’re about done. Just trim the sides to be pretty, and you’re good to go! If this decal is for you, head over to the next step.

8. Pick your placement on your vehicle. Grab some isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the spot.

paper towel and alcohol spray

9. Remove the vinyl backing leaving the decal on the transfer tape.

10. Gently place the decal onto the surface of the car, but placing the decals edge only on the car window. Slowly roll the remainder of the decal onto the glass using a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

car decal being placed on car window with credit card

11. Once the decal is fully on the window, pull off the transfer tape and you have yourself a brand new decal.

car decal on a cloudy day kindness is so gangster

Let me know if you make decals, I’d love to see them! Share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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