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How to make coffee filter hearts

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Learn how to make coffee filter hearts for Valentines day with washable markers!

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These coffee filter hearts were so fun to make! My daughter had a blast. She must have made 20 of them.

We love simple easy kids crafts. My girls are super artsy and love to show off their skills by crafting. This is a great way to spend some quality time together while making decorations!

These coffee filter hearts are a great project for home, but also great for school, daycare, church or playdates! As a bonus, this will work on those precious fine motor skills for the littles!

Supplies used were already on hand. Let’s see what’s needed…


Table protector: We used wax paper/parchment paper. You can also use cookie sheets.


1. Lay out whatever table protector you choose. I just laid down wax paper sheets.

2. Separate some coffee filters and press them down flat.

3. Color your heart out!

kid coloring on a coffee filter with washable markers

4. Lay flat and start spraying with water. Leave flat on the surface and let them dry completely.

kid spraying water on a coffee filter colored with washable markers

5. I took a folded piece of paper and cut into a heart shape to use as a stencil. Grab a pen and use your stencil or freehand your heart.

paper heart stencil on colorful tie dye coffee filter

There are so many ways to display these adorable hearts! We stuck them on the sides of our picture window with double sided tape. You could also hole punch them and string them up for garland. Or let the kids decorate their bedroom doors for Valentines Day with the hearts they made! The options are endless!


This was such a fun activity, I can’t say my children cared, but bright bold marker colors seem to work best. Playing around with different colors melting together was the best part!

Fair warning… the coffee filters are soooo thin. When wet, the marker just melts right through. It is in everyone’s best interest to protect your surface lol.

More or less water will make a difference in the final outcome. We ended up really soaking ours to blend everything together.

Do not pick them up! Spray them laying flat and leave them until they dry. The marker runs quickly when you pick it up to look and it changes the design.

You can cut your shape before coloring the filters. But if you dye them first, you can choose the coolest parts to use in your shape.

Four colorful tie dye hearts

I’d love to know if you make Valentine coffee filter hearts! Share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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