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How To Make Dollar Tree Rope Bunnies

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Learn how to make the cutest rope bunnies with all Dollar Tree supplies!

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When I can start decorating for Easter, I can practically smell the spring air. The sun is a bit brighter, the day is a little longer and the bunnies are hopping back out!

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a huge fan of The Dollar Tree and simple crafts. These rope bunnies are a lovely mix of the two. And although these supplies came from the Dollar Tree, then can also be purchase many other places.

And there are many things you can do with these rope bunnies. I’ve thought about gluing a magnet on the back to decorate the fridge, place on a piece of wood to hang, or use on the table as hot plates!

I just love how these cuties turned out. Let’s see how to make them…

Dollar Tree rope ribbon and fabric



1. Start off with the rope. Spin it in a spiral hot gluing it along the way.

Rope in a circle

2. Keep spinning and gluing until you have the size circle you want. Cut the end and glue down.

Rope in a circle

3. Cut two same size pieces for the ears. Flip over and glue the ends into place.

Rope in a circle with a bunny ear

4. Once the ears are attached, grab fabric and cut two pieces that will cover the ear.

5. Lay the fabric flat and glue the ear in sections so you can manipulate the rope to be the desired shape.

Rope circle bunny with floral pink fabric

6. Trim the fabric around the ear.

7. Grab the ribbon and make a bow. Attach the pretty little bow to this adorable little bunny… and done!

Rope bunnies girl in pink and boy in blue


The first bunny I made, I spun in my hands. The second one I made pressing into the table. The one made on the table is my favorite. It’s flatter and looks more uniform.

Don’t worry about how the ears look when first glued on. When you glue to the fabric, you can place them how you like.

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Let me know if you make these sweet bunnies and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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