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How to Make Tissue Paper Shamrock Sun Catchers

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Grab your tissue paper and contact roll to easily make these Shamrock Sun Catchers with FREE PRINTABLE!

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These Shamrock Sun Catchers have a few simple supples, are so easy to make and look so cool in the window with the sun!

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This awesome craft is one that everyone in the family can do together. When hung up, everyone will have one they made themselves. Plus the supplies used all came from The Dollar Tree, but can be purchased just about anywhere.

dollar tree tissue paper
dollar tree poster board
dollar tree contact paper


  • Tissue paper
  • Poster board
  • Contact paper roll


1. Download the free shamrock printable if you need the shamrock shape, or draw out your own. Cut out the shamrock printable and use that as a stencil on the poster board to trace out your shape. Cut out the poster board.

three shamrock paper cutouts

2. If you get your poster board at the Dollar Tree, it costs .50 and will made 9 shamrocks. We cut out one for each of us and saved the remaining poster board for another project.

3. Take your tissue paper and fold it up until it’s about an inch wide. Cut across to make squares. We dug through the tissue paper and found 3 different shades of green.

green tissue paper cut into squares on a paper plate

4. Now grab your contact paper roll and cut squares that will fit your shamrock. Cut out two squares per shamrock. Remove the backing of one square and place flat sticky side up.

black outline of shamrock on contact paper

5. Press your shamrock cut out on top of the sticky contact paper.

6. Now is the fun part! Grab those cut tissue paper squares and press them in the middle of the shamrock. Layering them as need be until the entire center is covered.

black shamrock outline with green tissue paper squares

7. Grab the extra contact square and place on top of the shamrock. We’re going to sandwich the tissue and poster board between the contact squares.

shamrock covered in green tissue paper

8. Cut the contact paper around the outside of the shamrock.

9. Now tape in the window and step back to check out your beautiful work of art!


If you’re going to use the printable, I suggest printing it on card stock. It was much easier to use as a stencil than regular thin printer paper.

When cutting the poster board shamrock, it’s best to gently fold the shamrock in half and clip the missile with scissors to cut out the middle.

At least 2 different shades of colored tissue paper work best. It creates a multi-dimensional look.

three shamrock tissue paper sun catchers in window

Let me know if you make these shamrock sun catchers and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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