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How to make Valentine button art

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How to create easy canvas wall art for Valentine's day with buttons!

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I adore easy cheap crafts that turn into pretty pieces of decor. This came together so easily, the hardest part was waiting on the drying time! Let’s make easy button wall art for Valentines Day!

Christmas is over, taking the magic of the season with it. All that’s left is salty boots, the outside is grey and the house feels a bit empty without the decorations. So let’s fix that!

I had all of these supples on hand. If you’re missing something, everything used is super affordable at my favorite store… The Dollar Tree 🙂 Or any local department store. Let’s see what’s needed…

Supples like canvas, ruler, red buttons, tacky glue, black acrylic paint, paint brush and pencil used to make button wall art Valentine


  • Canvas (whatever size you prefer)
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Canvas: I already had this one on hand. It’s from the Dollar Tree and it’s an 8×10. You can get a canvas at Walmart or any craft store.

Paint & brush: Acrylic paint works great and dries super fast! But any paint and brush will do. I love the black & white under the red heart, but follow your heart and use whatever comes to mind!

Buttons: I think these buttons were from Walmart set aside from another project. I have to say, when I do this project again I would use more of a variety of buttons and sizes.

Glue: I love my tacky glue. It dries rather quickly and clear. But I’m sure school glue would work in a pinch!


1. Use your ruler or anything on hand to make straight lines horizontally across your canvas. I measured before drawing my lines to make sure I liked the distance of the stripes.

white canvas with pencil and lines drawn

2. Paint in the stripes with your desired color. I did follow my lines around the sides and the top and bottom, giving it a finished look. Let dry.

Black and white painted line canvas for valentine button wall art

3. Next I folded a piece of paper in half and cut out a heart shape. I used that cut out as a stencil for my canvas. If I did this again, I would trace with glue instead of a pencil, as it was hard to cover the lines in spots.

Black and white painted canvas with red buttons and tacky glue for valentine button wall art

4. Use a popsicle stick, a brush or your finger to spread glue into your heart shape.

5. Place your buttons onto your canvas inside your heart shape, and let dry!


Measure and math. Make sure you know where your lines will be going before being impulsive and drawing on your canvas. Pencil doesn’t erase as easy on canvas and you can still see the faint lines where its not painted.

Less is more. When using the glue I learned the hard way. If it is too thick, it will cause a mess. Going between the buttons and through the button holes. You can see the mound of glue when it drys. A light coat is perfect.

Lay flat to dry. Let your canvas dry on a flat surface. If you place upright and out of the way, the buttons start to slide down and out of place before the glue is able to dry.

black and white painted wall art canvas with red buttons in the shape of a heart next to valentine red and pink trees

Let me know if you make this Valentine button art and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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