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How to melt pony beads on the grill into a suncatcher

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Learn how to melt pony beads on the grill into a beautiful hanging suncatcher.

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Hey friend! It’s time to craft with pony beads! There are so many things you can make with these plastic beads, and the color options are endless. So today let’s learn how to melt pony beads on the grill and make a beautiful suncatcher!

When making something that will be hanging, like a suncatcher, clear pony beads are best to use. They let the light shine through.

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The cookie cutters that will be used should never be plastic, but always metal. Maybe this one is obvious, but the plastic will melt under the high temps.

And as for the pans, I grabbed two pie pans from the thrift store to use for crafting. Maybe you can use your own pans, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The fumes that the melted plastic gives off are strong! I don’t know if there’s any leftover toxins, but I don’t want them in my food.

Let’s learn how to melt pony beads on the grill!

metal cake pan, pony beads, metal circle cookie cutters on the wood table



1. Start your gas grill or add some charcoal to your grill and get it going.

charcoal on the grill

2. Take your metal cookie cutters and place them on your cake pan. I found this pan at the thrift store and grabbed it for crafts like this.

thrift store pan

3. And then just start filling your cookie cutters with beads. Use a toothpick or tweezers to make a layer of beads.

pink, purple, blue and clear pony beads in metal cookie cutters on a metal pan to melt pony beads and make suncatacher.

4. Once your shapes are filled, place the pan on the grill. Let melt for about 10 minutes and check on them.

melting pony beads on the grill

5. Very carefully remove the pan and let cool outside completely.

melted pony beads in circles.

6. Once cool, pop the melted beads out of the cookie cutters.

melted pony beads in a circle cookie cutter

7. If you plan to hang as a suncatcher, just drill a small hole to hang. I used fishing wire to hang outside.

drilling a small hole into a melted pony bead circle suncatcher

And you have yourself a pony bead suncatcher ready to hang outside and catch the sunlight!

three circle melted pony bead suncatcher hanging outside on the house

Let me know if you melt pony beads on the grill and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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