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How to make Mod Podge at home

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Learn how to make Mod Podge at home for under $1 and save yourself some hard earned money!

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The magical Mod Podge, which is also called decoupage glue, has 1000’s of uses. It acts as a sealer for your craft projects and it’s really easy to work with. We use it so often in our home. But it comes with a heavy price tag for how simple the recipe is. Here’s something to consider… I paid more for the 8oz bottle of Mod Podge than I did for the 32oz school glue. WHAT?!? I had no idea making this stuff could be so easy.

My little girl is almost 7 and she is quite artsy. I love to let her creativity run wild! She prefers to do what Mom is doing, and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. But if you have kids, you know that little hands make huge messes! Handing over my bottle of expensive bottle of Mod Podge to these tiny destructive hands used to make me cringe on the inside. Problem solved! Let’s make mod poodle at home on the cheap side.

You literally only need 3 things to make Mod Podge at home… I know this sounds crazy, but recipe coming in hot!



If you purchased the regular 8oz bottle, pour that into your jar. If you have a super sized bottle like mine, 1 cup of glue into the jar.

I use a 2:1 ratio, so measure out your water and pour that on top of the glue.

Screw the lid on tight and shake shake shake for about a minute. At this point you’re just blending the two together.

And there my friends… you have homemade Mod Podge! Insane how easy that was right??


If you start your project and think your Mod Podge is too thin, just add more glue!

Too thick? Add water.

This is your creation now, tailor it to suit your needs best!


Let me know if you make Mod Podge at home and share a picture on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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