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Table Turkey Talk

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Turkey Table Talk - FREE Printable

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Imagine distant family getting together for Thanksgiving and sitting in silence only to hear each other chewing… Let me help! Tabletop conversation starters! These are a great way to get the conversations going and maybe learn something new about the people around your table.

My family has no problem talking. We are a bunch of over opinionated loud mouths. I have a very large family and we love getting together. We also love reasons to strike up a health conversation. I will in fact be printing and bringing these to Thanksgiving this year.

There are so many different ways to use these. You can mix them up and place them on place setting.

Make a fall themed jar and place them inside for friends and family to draw

Or be like us, who are less fancy and grab one off the coffee table while you’re having a cocktail.

Click here: Turkey Table Talk FREE Printable

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving, from us to you and yours!

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